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Remote Interpreting Tips: On the Road! Part Two

Dec 9, 2022 | Interpreter Education

by: Lisa Hendrickson, CI - NIR Coordinator

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Who doesn’t like to travel?! In the past, it wasn’t possible to work and travel for most professions, but as technology has improved, so have options for a work/travel lifestyle. The following are some tips and product/service suggestions to help interpreters prepare to work remotely on-the-road!

In Part One of this Blog, we discussed WiFi options for traveling interpreters. Check out Part One by following this link: https://interpreterresource.com/interpreter-education/remote-interpreting-tips-on-the-road-part-one/

In Part Two, we will discuss Hotspot options and tips, and products to help boost your Hotspot signal strength.



HOTSPOT (Integrated Cellular)

If WiFi is not a good option—not all campgrounds offer WiFi or have strong enough signal for your needs—using your cell phone hotspot may be a great option. As long as you have a cell phone signal, your laptop can easily be connected to your hotspot signal. 

Most cell phone plans include at least a minimum mobile Hotspot data limit. If you are not sure of your limit, check with your cell phone carrier. You may need to increase your limit if you plan to be on the road for an extended period of time.

On your smart phone, turn on your Hotspot in settings, then open up the list of available networks on your computer, choose your cell phone Hotspot, type in your password (shown in Hotspot settings), and you should be connected.




While many commercial campgrounds are located in rather densely populated areas with cellular towers galore, other campgrounds and RV parks can be located in more rural areas with limited cell phone signal. For these more remote destinations, a Cellular (Hotspot) Signal Booster can be a great option.

There are many on the market, but I have successfully used the weBoost Drive X Cell Phone Signal Booster during years of travel with much success! The setup is relatively easy, and in my experience, generally increases the phone signal by two bars.

If you are planning to use the weBoost, or any other Cell Phone Signal Booster, you will also need to download a Cell Tower Locator app to assist in the positioning of your antenna. Many free apps are available for this purpose; check the app store on your device!




Another option if you prefer to have a separate device other than your cell phone for a Hotspot signal, is to use a separate portable hotspot device. Almost every cellular carrier offers this option: Verizon has the “Jetpack”, AT&T has the “Velocity”, Cricket has the “Moxee”. Check with the carrier of your choice! Devices range in price from about $30 up to $300 depending on their capabilities. Most carriers offer a prepaid plan with a limited amount of data, or monthly plans with data limits that refill each month.

Reminder, these mobile hotspots are only as strong as the cellular signal to which they are connected. If you are using these devices in rural areas, a booster may be needed, as mentioned above.



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