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Remote Interpreting Tips: On the Road! Part One

Oct 31, 2022 | Interpreter Education

by: Lisa Hendrickson, CI - NIR Coordinator

Who doesn’t like to travel?! In the past, it wasn’t possible to work and travel for most professions, but as technology has improved, so have options for a work/travel lifestyle. The following are some tips and product/service suggestions to help interpreters prepare to work remotely on-the-road!

The most important factor while preparing to work remotely from your RV is how to connect to the internet. This blog will discuss WiFi options:



Many campgrounds offer WiFi on the premises, but you will need to check that your site will be near enough to a router or extender for a strong signal before choosing your campsite. Larger campgrounds have router extenders set up in various locations on the grounds, and the closer your RV is to the extender, the stronger your signal will be! Smaller campgrounds may only have the main router in the campground office, so you may need a site close to the office to get the strongest possible signal.

If you are going with the WiFi option for your internet connection, consider investing in an in-camper WiFi extender to boost the signal from the campground WiFi. There are many on the market for every budget! The Bearifi BearExtender that I use regularly works great to strengthen my WiFi signal, and is currently under $50 at Amazon:

Read more about the Bearifi BearExtender at their website: https://www.bearifi.com/



Not all campgrounds offer WiFi, and sometimes a mobile hotspot is not an option (hotspots will be discussed in Part Two of this blog). Satellite WiFi is an option for even the most remote of locations. All that is needed is an Internet Provider satellite dish, a service plan, and a clear view to the sky!

Satellite WiFi is the most expensive option that will be discussed in this two-part blog, but it is the only option that can be used practically everywhere. As with the extenders mentioned above, there are many options for Satellite WiFi, with an equally wide range of equipment and service plan pricing. One of the most popular for RVers is the STARLINK System, starting at $599 for equipment and $135 monthly.

For more information about STARLINK, please access this link: https://www.starlink.com/rv

If you decide on the Satellite WiFi option, be sure to shop around. Some providers offer “no-contract / cancel any time” service plans for the sometime-traveler, while other plans are more suited for everyday users.

Please stay tuned for part 2 of this blog, which will focus on hotspot options and other must-have tips and products for Interpreting on the road!

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