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Dreaming Big and Aiming High: What to do first? – Part 2

Jan 31, 2022 | Interpreter Education

by: Susan Swancey EIPA 3.6 - NIR Interpreter Coordinator

First things first. Make yourself an RID member. You can’t take a test without that. Then make a CASLI account. Try to read thru all the information on the CASLI website. It is very informative but can feel overwhelming. It’s like chasing the white rabbit down his hole. But here’s the gist of it: prepare yourself for the new knowledge test.

CASLI Generalist Knowledge Exam

Administered beginning December 2020, is a selected-response exam (meaning the answers can be selected on screen) consisting of 120 multiple choice questions and eight (8) case studies. Both Deaf and hearing candidates can take this exam.

  • Fundamentals on Interpreting Multiple Choice Questions: A total of 120 questions, sixty (60) questions are presented in written English and the answer selections for these questions are also in written English. Sixty (60) questions are presented in ASL and the answer selections for these questions are also presented in ASL. Candidates are expected to be able to comprehend all items in both English and ASL. Candidates will not be able to choose a language of preference for any item or items. These questions will assess a candidate’s knowledge of effective practice within the profession.
  • Ethical Decision Making and Cultural Responsiveness Case Studies: Eight (8) cases will be presented in ASL in narrative structure and the candidate will be instructed to select the best option or options from a list presented in written English. These case studies will assess a candidate’s ethical decision-making abilities and their cultural competencies within the framework of their tasks as ASL-English Interpreters.

This test isn’t like the ones I took previously on the computer with multiple choice. That was really a memorize/regurgitate the info type of easy (for me) test. Thank goodness they have a practice 15-minute video that helps understand what that looks like. You’ll find the sample in the CASLI app once you have made your account. And from looking at that description and sample- this is no longer my kind of (easy) test…guess I’ll continue stepping out of that comfort box! Anyway, there is a list of references to read and videos to watch that will help me study for this knowledge test. And now to work through the list…that will be part three: my analysis of these websites and reading. Don’t forget to read my colleagues’ blogs also. They are full of insight and different perspectives.
Here are the websites that I used and that you’ll need:

In the CASLI Exam System, use the “Take a Sample Exam” to familiarize yourself with the user interface, exam instructions, navigation features, and layout of the exam items.


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