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ASL Interpreting: Visual De-stressing for Interpreters – Part One

Jul 8, 2024 | Interpreter Education

by: Lisa Hendrickson, CI - NIR Coordinator

American Sign Language Interpreters often face daily work-related stressors due to traumatic experiences, imagery, retelling, and events that may arise in any interpreting settings. 

Since our emotional mind and physiological body are intimately intertwined and interdependent (a phenomenon called “Physiological Synchrony”), these stressors can lead to vicarious trauma, secondary traumatic stress, compression fatigue and/or burnout.

In a previous blog, Secondary Traumatic Stress – The High Cost of Caring, we focused on the risk factors, symptoms, self-care and professional care with regard to these issues. 

This blog series will focus on the healing power of positive visual stimuli. Upon viewing images that are pleasing or uplifting, the human brain releases a chemical called Dopamine, which gives us a sense of pleasure and satisfaction. These chemical transmitters directly affect the reduction of stress and anxiety.

For Part One of this blog series, the positive visual stimuli will focus on my personal favorite: Furry Animals! I hope the images to follow will be a welcome sight after a particularly stressful interpreting assignment, or at any time you may be experiencing a bit of extra stress. 

Disclaimer: This blog in no way is intended to replace professional care for extreme effects of stress or anxiety. Please contact a medical professional or applicable hotline, if your stress level is causing extreme levels of physical or emotional symptoms.

Hope you enjoyed the contents of this blog! Please stay tuned for additional parts to this blog series.

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