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ASL Interpreters: INTERPRET THIS! Cats vs. Dogs

May 9, 2022 | Interpreter Education

by: Lisa Hendrickson, CI - NIR Interpreter Coordinator

This blog begins the “INTERPRET THIS!” Series, in which a stimulus will be presented either in ASL or English for the purpose of honing your interpreting skills at your leisure. No matter whether you are well-seasoned or fresh out of an Interpreter Training Program, there is always a benefit from practice. With this series, you can purposefully inspect the message, and review and rewind as needed, in the comfort of your home (or favorite coffee shop!).


This week’s stimulus is a fun commentary titled, Cats vs. Dogs, and is presented in spoken English via the following link:


See transcript below if needed for inspection, review, or notes:

Cats vs. Dogs
To Feline or to Canine, That is the Question!

For centuries, epic questions have plagued mankind: baseball versus football, vanilla versus chocolate, ketchup versus mustard…the list is endless. Within this list, no battle becomes more heated than that of “cats versus dogs”.

Cat-lovers loudly protest that their sweet, yet brilliant feline friends outdo their arch enemies in every category. Similarly, dog-lovers tout that “man’s best friend” is the ultimate winner in every worthwhile category. When the time comes to finally choose a pet, prospective pet owners must decide for themselves whether cats or dogs work best for their particular situation. Let us explore the pros and cons of each.

Consider this, you arrive home from a long day at work; you are tired, cranky, and hungry. If your pet is a cat, she may give you a loud “Meow!”…a warning that her food bowl is empty, and it is most certainly time for a refill. Once the food bowl is filled, you will probably not be graced by her presence again for the duration of the evening, so you may commence television binge-watching and wine-drinking directly. Life with a dog will be quite different. Frantic barking, wild spinning, excited pee dribbles, and tongue kisses galore will greet you at the door after work no matter how tired and achy you may be. There will be no binge-watching and wine until you have gone for a walk, rubbed her belly, fed her, and cleaned up her pee dribbles. After all of that is complete and you have finally sat down to your favorite program, there she will be, next to you on the couch, plastered to your thigh, and still demanding belly-rubs.

When choosing a pet, you must also examine what kind of family you are with regard to weekend and vacation activities.

If clubbing, nightlife, city-exploring, and fancy resorts are your thing, then a cat will probably be a better choice. For a short trip, a self-feeder and large drip water bowl should be sufficient to care for your sweet kitty. Longer trips may require a friend or neighbor to stop by occasionally to check on her continued existence. On the other hand, if outdoor experiences are your thing—hiking, boating, camping, exploring small towns—a dog is the perfect companion. Dogs share in your joy as you explore all the sights, smells, and sounds of the great outdoors.

Finally, as nighttime arrives and bed calls to you, sleep is markedly different depending on whether you have a cat or a dog. Owners of cats can expect that their pet may be active at night, so the bedroom door may have to be closed to avoid disturbed sleep. Once the door is closed, you can expect to sleep easily through the night. Bedtime will be quite different for you if you are a dog owner; your fluffy, canine friend will expect to sleep somewhere near you on your soft comforter. She will probably sleep horizontally in order to take up as much room as possible, shed profusely on your favorite cover, and most likely release noxious gas in your general direction throughout the night.

In looking back to that epic question, “cats versus dogs”, as is the case with most questions of this nature, there is no easy yes or no answer; the best answer is, “It depends.” Prospective pet owners must consider their lifestyle and personality before deciding between a cat or a dog. If you are a type of person who wants a sometime-companion who requires little from you, then a cat is probably your best option. If, on the other hand, you prefer a constant-companion who is needier, perhaps more dirty, and definitely full of more kisses, then a dog is definitely the choice for you.


We hope you have enjoyed this short commentary and the start to this new series, INTERPRET THIS!

Stay tuned for more practice interpreting opportunities to come!


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