4 ASL Games for Your Home

Apr 11, 2022 | Interpreter Education

by: Brooke LaTurno, EIPA 4.0 - Interpreter Coordinator

When was the last time you got together with your loved ones and played a game?  Playing games with friends and family can lead to some of the most lighthearted and joyful memories.  In addition to the emotional benefits and stress relief that can be found in games, play is also known to inspire creative thinking and improve mental acuity.  The more fun we have, the more comfortable we feel experimenting and exploring our imagination!

If you want some exciting ways to bring ASL into your home, check out the games below.

Handcubes Game

1. Handcubes

Creator:  Justin Perez

Cost:  $20

Number of players:  1/+

Description:  Players roll cubes with handshapes on each side; after rolling the cubes, players must come up with a fun sign or classifier based on the handshapes depicted.

Website:  https://handcubes.com/

ASL Puzzle

2. ASL Puzzle

Creators:   Janet Moreno & Daniel Moreno

Cost: $45

Number of players:  1/+

Description:  Children will enjoy learning the manual alphabet with these colorful Baltic Birch puzzle pieces.  As the creators describe, this pastel puzzle is “a fun way to build the foundations of language.”

Website:  https://www.sweetsignshine.com/products/printed-asl-puzzle


Signmaster Game

3. SignMaster – A Master ASL! Vocabulary Review Game

Creator:  Beverly G. Stokem (based on Master ASL! Level One by Jason E. Zinza)

Cost:  $49.95

Number of players:  3-8

Description:  “Players move through a full color game board advancing when they correctly sign vocabulary words, sentences, and expressions.”

Website:  http://store.signmedia.com/1713.html

Mystery Game

4. The Mystery of the Superintendent’s House

Creator:  Unknown

Cost:  $29.95

Number of players:  2/+

Description:  This Clue-style mystery game has players seek the pieces of a map in order to locate a hidden treasure. It includes a 100-minute DVD with Deaf actors playing the parts of supporting characters.

Website:  http://store.signmedia.com/1365.html


I hope these games pique your interest and lead to hours of fun. These could also make great gift ideas for your loved ones!

Do you have a favorite ASL game?  Please comment below to share your own recommendations with us.

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